Resistance Bands – Should I Use Resistance Bands vs Free Weights?

Resistance Bands And Free Weights

Resistance Bands And Free Weights

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to train at home or on the go, the easiest ways are to use Resistance Bands and Free Weights! These two choices are very economical and are the top choices for Personal Trainers and other athletes all over the world.  The Resistance Band Workout at Home is becoming a big hit in the fitness world, mainly because of the vast convenience and ease of the hardware needed to get the job done.

You’ll find a bunch of different Resistance Band how to videos from an assortment of other personal trainers teaching you a ton of different exercises. I’ve tried to provide as much information on ResistanceBandsHQ as possible for you.

Now… Should you use just Resistance Bands?

My answer… YES! You can use a Band all by itself in order to tone your body for that great athletic look, and YES in some cases, only some, in my personal training career have I seen some nice size muscle gains, but this is extremely hard for most people. Muscles need a ton of stimulation for there to be muscle growth. Now don’t get me wrong here… You will see muscle growth, but not anything like a bodybuilder.

So if you’re a 100 pound woman thinking that you’re going to gain all this muscle just by using Resistance Bands you’re totally mistaken and or have been mislead to believe so. Believe it or not, it’s probably the best thing for a woman to put into her workout plan. I hope this sets things strait for you if you’re a woman because so many women bring this up as a big concern of theirs.

Free Weights Get a Little Help…

Resistance Bands are a top option for many bodybuilders to use in order to do some major fine tuning or defining, I should say. Other Professional athletes even use them all the time. What I’m getting at is simply this, these bodybuilders and other athletes know that using constant resistance can step up their game a little and in some cases a lot.

You see… These guys and gals are training very hard to build all the large muscle groups in their body. The workout bands (another name their known by) are used to help the core muscle groups and create a very lean athletic look as well as help there stamina.

Resistance Band Workouts are somewhat fast and very repetitious but, they burn your muscle groups fast and you see great results when using them over a period of time. The Bands help by providing the constant resistance the body needs in order to strengthen our stabilizer muscles and define them all at the same time. When combined with a cardio workout the Bands are very, very good for toning and losing weight fast!

Are Resistance Bands Exercises easy to do?

Quite simply… Yes, very easy to use and almost so simple you might even think that they’re not even doing anything for you, but you’d be completely wrong thinking this way.

There are more than 150 possible ways to use them. I’ve trained my clients over the last 23 years with them and if done correctly, consistently and over a short period of time, use of these so called Exercise Bands, Resistance Bands, Toning Bands, Resistance Tubes, Fitness Bands or even Power Bands, whatever you want to call them, will make you look better than you ever thought possible when combining them with your current workout or diet program.


Resistance Bands Are Easy To Use!

Resistance Bands Are Easy To Use!


  • I highly recommend working out with both Free Weights and Bands for the sole purpose, they complement one another so very well in many fitness routines. I guarantee you’ll have an extraordinary workout once you’ve tried this combination.
  • I recommend getting Bands with Handles, because not only will you be able to use them much easier you will always be able to have a firm hold of them when working out. I also think you should try using a Thera Band because physical therapists all over the country recommend their patients to use them for physical therapy purposes. You would be surprised at the many different unique ways you can use them to better the smallest little things.
  • When you go to Buy Exercise Bands be sure to get a Resistance Band Kit so you can get some instructions on how to use them and possibly other fitness equipment as well. I found that this is the best way for me to purchase them at a really reasonable price.
  • Search for Bands for Sale on places like Amazon and other retailers online, just be sure to do your research on them before the purchase. Not all so called Power Bands or Workout Bands are created equal, if you know what I mean… Cheers! 😉

Resistance Bands HQ will help YOU find everything YOU WANT and Need in one place. All about Resistance Bands and Resistance Band Exercises.

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