50 pounds? help me pleaseee?

Beebeelovee Asked: 50 pounds? help me pleaseee?

I am 5'9 a girl 16 years old and 176 pounds. I am eating healthy ..how long would it take me to lose 50 pounds? Just for more information about me I workout 5-6 times a week already for at LEAST 3 hours a day and I eat alright could be better I can admitt but I don't see results that I want/ should be seeing cus I workout so much…and I've been working out for MORE then a year and a half.. idk what I'm doing wrong because I've been doing this for so long and literally nothing..& i do strengh training, Zumba, elliptical, weights, toning exercises with resistance bands, pilates, aerobics, running, kickboxing.. :(( maybe you can make a.meal plan for me? Idk 🙁 please help… Thank you for answering:)


Ben Answered:
Go see a dietician.They will help you develop a safe plan for losing weight and eating healthy.My friend lost 80lbs over 18months working with a dietician.

Extreme weight loss solutions are more dangerous to your health.

Nicole Answered:
it doesnt sound like your eating right. the trick is to burn more calories than you take in.

Brigitta Answered:
Oh YESS the solution the Method – where is it. We loose our cool we loose patience ..but its important very important it leaves us frustrated helpless desperate. How can we make our ideal weight SRAY indefinatly? What are the true steps? All sorts of diseases have a cure. Perhaps weight gain needs more serious attention by our health authority agents. It is a debilitateding peace robber. Its like being a rodeo rider sometimes for life.
OK the best solution was in a siencefiction story. The planner they explored strangely enough the longer the stayed the more weight they would put on. Back at the spaceship the problem was solved by taking a shower it wished all of it off. So what we need is that wash off weight shower device. INVENTORS any ideas???

Linus Answered:
When you lose weight you want it to be personal so you make lifestyle changes to lose the weight. If it is not a permanent lifestyle change, then the weight loss is not permanent.

I have lost 160 lbs. in the past two years. Although it took me so long, it was healthy and relatively easy to do. I read an ebook called, "Lifestyles That Keep You Healthy and Fit". It cost me $5. It proved to be the very thing I needed to escape my prison of obesity. I am so thankful I read it.

I was killing myself overeating before I read this ebook. I am so thankful someone recommended it to me.

You cant find this ebook with a goodle search, so it you want it just send me an email and I will send you the web address where you can purchase it. Best of Luck

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