Can I build weight and muscle mass with P90X?

Stephen Asked: Can I build weight and muscle mass with P90X?

I just purchased p90x and am planning on starting it shortly after it arrives. I'm wondering if I can gain weight and muscle mass through this workout. I am 22 about 6'1" and about 160. I havnt done any work outs before so I'm not to sure. I was told protein supplements are good to take. Is there any thing else or specific brands? And should I use the resistance bands or dumb bells for the excersises? Thanks in advance

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Tyler Answered:
I know a few peoPle that have that and they lost more then gained like in fat….but they did get pretty damn strong

Zaza Answered:
It is possible to gain mass with this.First off, I'd follow the Classic routine (use dumbbells) and gain your strength and follow the nutrition guide.After that 90 days, if you want to see even more results there are ways to build even more lean muscle.Do do this, I would do four resistance workouts a week (every other day) and during these, pick a weight where you only can do 6 reps max. During this second round, only do 2 cardio workouts a week and have a day of rest.

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