Can I lose weight by doing this? EASY 10 POINTS!?

KTBUG Asked: Can I lose weight by doing this? EASY 10 POINTS!?

I want to lose about 40 lbs.

Workout scheudle-
Run 2 miles on the treadmill 7 days a week. This last about 30-35 minutes because I just started but my heart rate is in my "target" heart rate zone.
M-W-F: Lift weights. I use dumbells and free weights and I use a resistance band. I also use a leg press machine and bench press.
A few days a week I do Just Dance 3 for about 30 minutes-1 hour.

For breakfast I will either eat weight control oatmeal with almonds in it or whole grain english muffin with 2 egg whites and a fruit

snack 1- some almonds or a piece of fruit

Lunch-I eat a healthy option at school because I want variety. Usually its either a sub, salad, wrap, etc. with a piece of fruit and some veggie

Snack 2- sometimes I will have a bag of baked chips (around 150 cal. Just so I dont feel like im on a "diet" and almonds, yogurt or string cheese)

Dinner: Whatever I decide to make. Usually its a piece of lean meat with whole grain rice or veggies.

If im hungry in the evenings I will have a handful of almonds (only 117 cal.)

Is this a good diet? Will i get results? thanks


Ellox Grrr Answered:
yes GO GO GO!!!

Jana P Answered:
yes!!! absolutely!!

Mike T Answered:
Yes, you will you lose inches first. You will gain muscle weight.

freakyanimeluver Answered:
Lots of vegetables, carbs in proportion, lean meat, healthy snacks, it all seems great to me. One thing I will add though is give yourself a break from exercise 1-2 days per week, your body needs a day to rest and recuperate.

Heather Answered:
It seems pretty good, but remember that a diet is not just about cutting calories, it is also about making sure you still get all your key nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals too.It still has to be a balanced meal plan, especially if you are exercising a lot, which you are.It sounds like yours is pretty well balanced, but since there are some variables (like what kind of sub or wrap you might get, or what condiments you put on it, or what you might cook for dinner), you might want to find an online calorie/nutrient counter just to make sure you are covering your bases.Treats (baked chips or even a cookie, ice cream or regular chips now and then) are fine, everything is about moderation. In fact they say if you deny yourself treats completely, that is when people binge and go crazy and eat a whole package of cookies at once. A treat now and then is fine. Anyhow, a person who is dieting should eat about 1200 calories a day. If you are not dieting, you should eat about 2000 calories a day. But, don't drop below that 1200, if you do, you can actually gain weight, because your body goes into starvation mode and it will store fat to protect your body from starving. Also, just drink lots of water and stay away from diet pills, drinks, shakes, and other diet aids. They are modern day snake oil. They may work temporarily, but they never last for long, and many have dangerous side effects that can really harm you.Good luck!BTW – give your body at least 1-2 days to rest from all that exercise.You can exercise too much, and burn yourself out, or worse, get an injury.Your body needs rest to be healthy too.

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