Exercise Bands – How Many Times Per Week Can You Use Them?

Quite simply… Exercise Bands are getting more and more popular throughout the fitness industry. Of course they’ve been around for quite a long time, but only just now is the word truly getting out about these fantastic Weight Bands. Which is kinda crazy when I think about it? I’ve used these things for so long I thought everyone and their mother knew about them. 🙂

How many times a week should you use them? Well I use them almost every time I train a client and the most I would recommend you using them is 5 to 6 times a week, but I know people that use them every day. I think you could use them every day, but I allow for resting periods.

If you’re training for some kind of show or something, then I would certainly recommend the daily use of these bands

Are Exercise Bands better to use for working out?

I wouldn’t say that these bands are better for working out with all a loan especially for building muscle, but there may be plenty of people that are out there that would say different. Although… I do think that you can use resistance bands all by themselves as long as you have a good diet plan and cardio routine.

I recommend, using Power Bands, Weight Bands, Resistance Bands, Toning Bands, Exercise Bands or (whatever else you really want to call them) with your normal workout.

Basically, just add them to your normal routine and if you choose to workout with them at home, at the gym, at work or while traveling it would only benefit you even more.

I also recommend that you workout the same body part that you just got through working earlier that day with some kind of Resistance Band later in the day. This gives your muscles time to rest and get more fuel from eating.

You should be able to whip right through your Exercise Band Workouts with no problem. This technique is called a dual workout and many trainers that I know, including myself, use this with their clients and it works wonders, it’s also a big thing that a lot of top bodybuilders do.

Exercise Bands - For Legs

Exercise Bands - For Legs

How to train legs with Exercise Bands?

Ok… First thing you want to do is pick out a heavy Resistance Band preferably with handles.

Second, place the center portion of the band under the arch of your feet. You should do this with tennis shoes on because some people find it very uncomfortable when performing this exercise without them.

Third, raise the Resistance Band to shoulder height as if you were holding a bar on your shoulders. Be sure to keep your hands as stationary as possible, just pretend you have a big bar on your shoulders and you’re holding it.

Fourth and final step, perform a squat using good form with your chest up, your back arched is at all possible and look straight ahead or slightly upward, but don’t look down to your feet.

Do 10 to 20 reps or until you feel the burn in your legs. Now if your legs are not burning then that just means you need to add extra Exercise Bands to your workout or get heavier Power Bands. Cheers! 😉