Fitness Bands – Why Should I Workout With Them?

The main benefits of using Fitness Bands…

Fitness Bands

Fitness Bands

Fitness Bands are easy to use, the ability to tone up the muscle groups very well and reach your core muscles that the average workout cannot reach, the bands are also really easy to travel with and easy to pack up.

I would say that would have to be the three most important reasons for why I would workout with Fitness Bands. I’m a personal trainer and have been using Exercise Bands for the last 23 years.

I work with my clients on a daily basis using both weights and Bands, together they work fantastic and by adding the Resistance Band Exercises to their workout it gives them tremendous results.

How to use Resistance Tube or Fitness Bands?

If you are working out a single body part a day with weights, I would recommend that you do the same workout or body part with Exercise Bands after using the weights. This creates high blood

Resistance Band Curl

Resistance Band Curl

volume in the muscles and gives an extraordinary pump.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. If you train with a partner or not all, it’s totally up to you, but all you have to do is a super set. So every set you do with weights will be followed by a set with the bands. It’s pretty simple and it gives you a great workout.

Let me explain the example of a super set, we’ll use something simple like working out biceps. All you do is complete you first set 10 to 12 reps with a dumbbell or bar and then pick up the Exercise Band to do 10-20 or more reps until failure most of the time. I hope that explains it a little better.


Where can I get Thera Bands?

Just a quick note on where you can pick up Thera Bands, Power Bands, Resistant Tubes and or Workout Bands. First I’d ask your local therapist and see which ones they would recommend.

Second I would just go check online and do a search for Fitness Bands. You’ll probably come across so many sites with information that it’s not even funny, but find a site just like this one that actually tells you the truth about the product that you’re looking for and just do some research from it.

I also recommend going to sites like Amazon and of course other retail stores online, but I’ve actually had a lot of luck finding the Fitness Bands for Sale that I want at an online store of some kind, plus you’ll actually get a much more reasonable price.

Here’s a tip for you coming from me to you, buy a Resistance Band Kit. You can to get the best price this way and with a few extra items you can use. Cheers! 😉