Hip and Heart Attack Using Resistance Band Shuffle Runs

www.facebook.com In this StreamFIT Minute, resistance band training and fit over 40 expert Dave "The Band Man" Schmitz shows you the best cardio exercise you've never done. The exercise is called the band shuffle run and not only will it get your heart rate through the roof but it will really rock your butt and hips at the same time. Be sure to follow the exact shuffle run progressions that Dave shows to make sure you train safely. This move will help you improve deceleration, or how to properly stop and change of direction, which will both make you more athletic and help boost injury prevention of the knees and back. StreamFIT provides unlimited streaming follow-along workouts from the top trainers in the game accessible anytime, anywhere. For a free trial, please visit: www.StreamFIT.com For more info on the bands seen in this video, go to bit.ly