I ate FAR too much today, will using a stretch band burn off many calories?

Budgie Asked: I ate FAR too much today, will using a stretch band burn off many calories?

Normal food including

5 oreos
1 frijj
1 bag of crisps
1 chocolate bar

How long should I exercise tonight and what should I use?(yoga stretch band, weights, pressups, exercises?)
Iv'e been eating alot like this recently…


A Twinkling Star Answered:
The best thing to burn calories is cardio!
I recommend jogging or running. If you're using a treadmill, it should tell you how many calories you will burn.

Palm Springs Answered:
You will get your biggest calorie burn from cardio.Jogging, very fast walking, cycling, elliptical, stair climbing, etc.

Parakeet Answered:
That's probably about 1000 calories and you would need to do a LOT of exercise to burn that off. Why not just cut down on carby / fatty food tomorrow instead? Eat lots of lean protein and vegetables tomorrow and the next day, and only have carbs at breakfast. Then you will have easily compensated for the overindulgence today without doing insane amounts of exercise 🙂

It's best to look at your diet as a weekly thing, not a daily thing – and apply the 80:20 rule. If you eat healthily 80% of the time, then 20% 'cheating' will do you no harm at all.

Isabella Bells Answered:
ok sweetie.thats not bad at all, tommorow is a new day. take a deep breath, reevaulate your goals, reflect and ask your self " why did you binge? " were you hungry prior? were you restricting days prior to your 'binge' ? were you sad? etc.when you figure out WHY you binged ( trust me, there probably is a reason.)come up with a solution.. if you were feeling bored, try to distract yourself next time, if you were hungry,make sure to come up with meal plans for the day before so you have something to stick too, instead of going through your cabinet and coming upon those delicious bags of junk and convincing yourself its OK to eat untill afterwards…remember how you feel right now. remember this guilt, and hold on to it.now make up your meal plan for tommorow NOW ( aim for atleast 1800-2200 calories.) and then structure it around spef. snack time, dinner time, breakfast, post work out, pre work out, lunch, night snack etc so you can avoid binging next time!

Ramon C Answered:
Sure, if you exercise for 12 hours!The real question is WHY are you eating this way? The foods you list are all empty calories. I do have to admit I do not know what a frijj is. But there is no nutrition in any of these listed items. Since I do not know what you consider "normal foods" I am giving you advice sort of in a blind spot.Strenuous exercises that make you sweat only use about 300 to 400 calories per hour. So, if the chocolate bar had 400 calories (you not mention the size of this bar) you must exercise for an hour. Same for each of the items. Oreos are pretty bad just by themselves so I am glad you consumed only 5. By the way, Oreos is capitalized under the rules of grammar since it is a proper name. Find why you are over eating. I have one theory. This foods are like poison to the body due to fat and sugar content. The body goes into a protective overdrive mode and metabolizes them quickly. This creates a low blood sugar value which creates hunger. Eat the proper foods and this does not happen. Oh, I certainly hope you did not eat these listed items in one seating! That is the worse possible situation. So, go exercise but you need to do so for about 3 hours. Best of luck.

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