p90x Dumb bell question?

ICHASETHESUN Asked: p90x Dumb bell question?

i know you don't NEED a set of adjustable dumb bells (you can use resistance bands), but i was wondering if you could just get a bar type of dumb bell (like this: http://photo-dictionary.com/photofiles/list/1279/1775dumbbell.jpg) and that would work just as well? The only reason i ask is because im not sure if the work outs require really quick changes of your dumb bell weight in order to follow.
Just wondering what i should buy to be prepared for next week wooooo!


GiSELA Answered:
Celina you're not helping.

Jesse Answered:
Just be careful with P90x.It can cause severe glycogen depletion if you do not feed your muscles.

If you want a good pair of dumb bells for P90x, than you can do with the Power Block.They are quick change.I had the bowflex ones but they broke.

We did P90x for a round, but found that it just puts too much stress on the body with all that intensity and minimum rest days.

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