Question About a Weight Loss Plan?

foreverlove Asked: Question About a Weight Loss Plan?

I'm 17 Female- 163 pounds I've lost about 8 lbs within the last 3 weeks with just eating healthy, I'm finally getting on that schedule. But I know that exercise needs to be a part of my daily life as well to get healthy. I don't have a gym membership because I've been saving my money for college and other expenses. A gym membership is on my to do list in the future but as of right now at home workouts will have to do.
My question for you is what exercises would be effective. At home, I have a balance ball with a resistance band as well, a jump rope and that's about it. I know that jump roping is a good cardio workout. Would these exercises help me at all? I'm a full time student right now, I'm either at school, work, or studying. And eating 5/6 small meals threw out the day with no fast food or junk food no dark meats and no soda. Any other ideas? Or suggestions will help me a lot. Thank you in advance.


Joshua H Answered:
First off, great job on losing 8 pounds. Now losing weight is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be, it all consist of eating right, exercising, and sticking to a schedule. Many people make the excuse that they cannot workout at home because of the lack of equipment, but ironically that's exactly what is needed to lose weight. Cardio is great for shedding water weight witch is trapped in your body because of the high sodium/salt in most americans diets. How do we get rid of the water weight? Well that's where sweating comes in, when our body sweats its a chemical reaction that burns of carbohydrates (stored as fats) and turns it into water so your body doesn't overheat. In order to sweat, you need to raise your heart rate by exercising (cardio). Try this it's called the M-100; Don't worry you are not going to gain muscle like these guys by doing this,you'lljust sweat the pounds off.Don't get intimidated, its a great way to get you sweating even if it looks kinda stupid It doesn't matter that you are a girl all bodies burn off calories and fats the same way. See no equipment or money needed just space, time, and effort. there are also tons of free videos on youtube that have a ton of cardio and plyometric( jumping exercises) workouts all for free. No offense, but becuse of the exta weight on your body you'll actually loose weight faster than people of lesser wieght. Keep it up, people like you make me proud. Just don't do stupid fad diets read up on the danger behind them (No fad diets, only better lifestyle). If its to good to be true it probably isnt.Great job so far, keep it up!
P.S. red meats are great for protien, Protien = Energy

Joshua H Answered:
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Spelt Answered:
Get a sweat on and lose your breath for an hour or so a day, you'll be well away.

Snhearez Answered:
Keep on with the health diet. It will do most of the work for a person your age. The main reason behind over weight even for older people is actually unhealthy diet not very much lack of exercises. Main purpose of exercises is to speed up metabolism, build an agile stamina body and create inactivity ready body rather that a lazy one. So the reason you have lost 8 pounds in only 3 weeks tell more could be achieved in a few months. Don't forget diet works slow as it first starts to repair the body.
Gym is nit necessary. Home workout is where the majority of us strive. Unless you are out to build muscles or other specific, that need supervised plan any exercise, that last up to half an hour andraises you heart rate about 25% for a period of at least 20 minutes is sufficient. You can get more information on diet and exercises from the web

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