Resistance Band – Can You Workout With Resistance Bands Every Day?

Resistance Band

Resistance Band

A Resistance Band every day?? My answer would be, YES you can! Let me explain, there is literally over 150 exercises or more and ways to use these bands. If I had a dime for every time I was asked this question I would probably be the wealthiest fitness trainer out there, but seriously…

Resistance bands work excellent for toning and shaping your muscle groups and using them every day is recommended by physical therapists all over the world, especially for bouncing back after an injury of some kind. So why not use them for a little preventative maintenance, right?

The constant resistance that you get from a Resistance Band helps your core muscle groups that normal workout routines just don’t reach. It’s that simple! Not only that, but they help give you a nice athletic look that everyone loves.

resistance band

resistance band

What are the best Resistance Band or Cords?

This is kind of a tough question… although I’ll give it my best shot! I’ve used a real big variety of Resistance Band and power bands in my career over the past 23 years.

I personally think that if the bands that you purchase are not overstretched they will last you much longer in the long run, because they’re only made of rubber and some other composites to make them strong. I’ve only had a problem with two bands in all my years of using them.

The exercise bands that I have the most success with have been the Black Mountain Products kit and bodylastics kit they both come with everything you need to get started with your Resistance Band Exercises. I have placed the links on this page for your convenience.

Now… Where to buy a Resistance Band?

I suggest going online and doing a bunch of research! If you want heavy Power Bands to beef up your workout do your research because there’s a ton of them. If you want regular Workout Bands or whatever else you choose to buy DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! That’s probably the best advice I can give you first.

I go to Amazon for my first stop, because they have so many to choose from it will make your eyes spin, but don’t stop there. Just do… what you did to find this page, go to Google or whichever search engine you use and type in Resistance Band, Exercise Bands, Workout Bands, etc… Then search through sites just like this one.  🙂   It’s the best way to find what you’re looking for and to find out more about them. Cheers! 😉

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