Resistance Tubes – Exercises Can You Do With Resistance Tubes?

Resistance Tubes

Resistance Tubes

Resistance Tubes can be used in so many ways and that’s why I made this website, because I wanted to show you everything that is possible when using these great Workout Bands. So with a limited amount of space I have I’m going to show you three good Resistance Band exercises that you can do virtually every day and after that I’ll tell you where you can get plenty more for all your needs.

So let’s get started…

The first exercise you can do with Resistance Tubes is of course the bicep curl. Grab your exercise band you want to train with, preferably with handles, but not needed because you’re using Thera Bands then you can just wrap them around your hands.

Next put the band under your feet and make sure your palm’s of your hands are facing upward, make sure the band feels tight but not too tight. Then start raising your hands to your shoulders keeping your elbows pointed towards the ground. Do 10 to 20 of these or until your biceps start burning.

How to simulate pull ups with Resistance Tubes…

Okay, for this exercise you might need an extra added piece of equipment such as a door anchor or a door way chin up bar. Attach your door anchor at the top of the door and then attach your heavy resistance tubes, sit on the floor with with your feet towards the door, pull down in a controlled motion just like a pull up. Do 10 to 20 of these or until burnout.

Now if you have a chin up bar for your doorway of your home go ahead and attached the chin up bar now then simply toss over the band, while holding onto the bands handles sit on the floor directly under the bar. Again, simulate a pull up and do just as many reps as mentioned previously. This is a great back exercise!

Resistance Tubes - For Legs

Resistance Tubes - For Legs

How to do a squat with Resistance Tubes…

This is a really easy exercise to do so before you start grab what I call, your strength bands or power bands because we’re going to work the largest muscles on your body, your legs. Basically these bands need to have some high tension on them and if only one is not strong enough by all means add a couple to help you work out.

Now that you have your bands placed them under your feet with equal amount of tension to both sides of your arms, raise your arms up to your shoulders with your palms facing up, (pretend you’re holding a huge bar on your shoulders) then squat with your eyes facing forward and your chest out. Try to focus on your form when using your Resistance Tubes, (you can do this by watching yourself in the mirror) then do 10 to 20 reps or until you feel your legs are burning.

I hope these exercises help you get started. I recommend trying to get a Resistance Tube Exercise Chart to help you get started with your training. Go a head and take a look around this site for more videos and articles about Resistance Tubes. There is a ton of information available to you. Cheers! 😉

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