Sexy and I Know It 3 Step Glute Protocol The goal with our glutes is to improve strength throughout the entire range of hip extension. To do this you want to change the point of maximal loading on the glutes during a given exercise. There are two ways that you can do this 1) Change the position of your body. 2) Change the direction of the load coming into your body. I am going to show you two exercises I learnt from Nick Tuminello of Performance University, who introduced me to this whole concept. This gives us some great training options for improving the form and function of our glutes, so make sure you give these a real go! The 3 Step Glute Protocol Exercise 1# –Single Leg dead lift with kettle bell 6-10 reps Exercise #2 — Single Leg dead lift with cable or resistance band for 6-10 reps Exercise #3 –Single Leg Curl on an exercise ball for 6-12 reps