Strength Bands – How To Build Pectorals With Strength Bands?

Strength Bands - Chest Exercise

Strength Bands - Chest Exercise

Building your pectoral muscles (chest ) with Strength Bands it’s pretty easy to do. OK… everybody wants to have a big chest and why not, right? It makes a man feel better about himself and of course the women like it too. Now if you’re a woman, then I’m sure you’d be interested in knowing how to tone your chest. Well I’m going to tell you how to do both.

For this exercise you need to attach your Strength Bands to your door with a door anchor. Next, turn around with your back to the door, put one handle in each hand and the band should behind your back at this point, put one foot in front of the other in order to stabilize yourself, try to lean forward slightly until the band has a little tension, then just pretend you are on a flat bench, stick your chest out and press your arms out in front of you.

Now do this for about 10 to 20 reps or until you feel your chest burning. I prefer to do it until my chest is burning that way I know I am getting a proper workout. I also noticed that you can train harder and longer with Exercise Bands than with free weights, so I recommend you doing 4 to 6 sets depending on how heavy you go with your bands and that’s Strength Bands Training for your chest.

Resistance Bands - Female

Resistance Bands - Female

Now ladies, this pertains to you too. Everything I have explained here with using Strength Bands Workouts you should be able to perform the same, but only with a resistance band that is lighter in tension.

Next, I want you to hold the position where you are at and change the way you are going to be moving your arms. When you are in the rested position, step back towards the door slightly, put your arms out horizontal with one another (like an airplane) and then pull your arms together without bending your elbows until your hands touch. This Strength Band Exercise is called a Fly, you should do just as many reps and sets with this exercise as well preferably between 10 to 20 reps with 3 to 4 sets.

Is Strength Bands Training Bad For You?

In my personal opinion, I believe Resistance Bands help you in so many ways that most people don’t even think about. They help you with your stabilizer muscles, they help you with therapy after an injury (just ask your local physical therapist), exercise bands, thera bands, resistance tubes, workout bands or whatever you really want to call them help everyone who uses them.

Shoot even the biggest names in bodybuilding use these bands in order to get in the best shape of their life as well as helping them backstage right before the show so they can pump up before going out on stage.

So… is training with Strength Bands bad for you? Of Course Not!

Where to buy Strength Bands for rehab?

I would ask your local physical therapist or chiropractor. These guys are going to give you the best direction possible for purchasing some bands, but I wouldn’t really stop there or go ask your local personal trainer I’m sure you would get some good ideas from him or her as well, just ask them for the best bands for Strength Band Exercises and I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction.

After you hear what they recommend I suggest going online and doing some research for yourself on sites like Amazon and other retail stores. Just don’t buy the first ones you see because there are so many Strength Bands out there you have to make sure you’re getting a good deal and a great price. Cheers! 😉

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