The Figure 8 Workout

Okay everyone — are you ready to sweat? As you know we've now started running REAL TIME video workouts at Angry Trainer Fitness so you can work out along with yours truly. Last time around we launched the Back To Basics Workout which was designed to help you jump-start your regime after a break, rest or injury. But now it's time to take it up a notch — and this latest program — The Figure 8 Workout — will do just that! Are you ready? As you know I love my Gym Boss interval timer so I thought I'd showcase how you can use it in a workout. So this is an interval workout, with each exercise being performed to a set time, not for reps or speed. Each set consists of 30 seconds — though of course you can go longer. Now for the first few movements this workout won't feel incredibly hard, but believe me it'll catch up to you! Especially if you go through the circuit 2, 3 or 4 times — you'll be feeling it big time. One thing is for sure — you'll soon learn to appreciate the little beep that signals a rest period. As I now say to my clients — "Learn to love the beep!" Here's the circuit in full: The Figure 8 Workout 1. Medicine Ball Chops 2. Burpee Jump Squats 3. Alternating Reverse Lunges & Band Row 4. Swiss Ball Pushups w/Abs Pikes 5. Resistance Band Squat & Press 6. Jump Rope High Knees 7. Twisting Torso Pushups 8. T — Squares Okay so get to it! Watch the video and workout in real time with me. As you'll see this workout had me a little out of breath by the end of it! So <b>…</b>

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