Undecided Question: Good exercise routine for kids?

im confused Asked: Undecided Question: Good exercise routine for kids?

I, like many other teens, am not in the perfect shape. I have been trying to work out and this is my routine for the day: 50 "reps" with a resistance band, 100-150 sit-ups, .5-1 mile on treadmill, 150 jump-ropes, and 25-50 crunches. Good or bad for a 13 year old male? Trying to lose weight and build littlemuscle.


I think its just right, but you got to watch your health too

NekoAlchemy Answered:
Don't listen to these people, I used to have a lip piercing and it never got infected and you definitely don't sound scary. 100 lbs fat? Pssh as if, you silly Americans think anyone that isn't a size 0 fat *shakes head* I live in New Zealand and we go by kgs, not lbs so I converted that into kgs and girl let me tell you, you are NOT fat nor are you overweight. You are a healthy, average size. Now to answer your question yes I would think you were kind of interesting, but not on looks alone. For me to see someone as interesting they have to have an intriguing personality as well.

teamstetin Answered:
No you don't sound scary, no i wouldn't avoid you

paul Answered:
Be proud of who you are and not whot other people wont you to be just be yourself I wouldn't be scared of you as I except everyone for who they are and you are a unique person x

Annalisa Answered:
Unless you are a serial killer who murders everyone in sight, then no.

And don't worry what other people think about you. Just do your own thing, and find friends who will accept you for who you are. It might not be easy at first, though, cause there are a lot of shallow people out there…

You sound like a nice person. Who has there own style. You will find that being yourself is the thing you can do, dont worry about what other people think. Only thing that matters is that you like yourself.

Sujan Answered:
Actually not. You sound like a nice person and the way you dress up like lip ring and black jeans that's very cool in my opinion.

ohitsme Answered:
No, it's you and I can't do anything about that. You're unique!

you don't sound intimidating, I might avoid you though because the way you write this plus your appearance makes me think "teenager with emotional baggage". hope 'I don't offend, this is mere honesty and I trust you aren't looking to be lied to

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