Weight Bands – Can I bulk up with Resistance Bands?

Weight Bands And Bodybuilding

Weight Bands And Bodybuilding

Okay… this is really a popular question about Weight Bands among mostly male athletes and quite simply my answer is, I don’t think so. Unless, and only unless you plan on using a ton of power bands all strapped together to make the resistance as great as possible.

And still then, this is extremely uncomfortable for most people and it feels tremendously awkward when trying to perform the exercises with so many Weight Bands put together.

Now this is only my opinion and I think you need to come to your own conclusion about this, but in my 23 years of working out and training clients I’ve only had 2 try to do this, they ended up giving up because of the things I’ve just mentioned, but is it still possible to gain muscle mass this way? Yes…

How long should Weight Bands be?

Your Workout Bands should only be as long as you feel you’re comfortable with them in your workout routine. From time to time you need to shorten the bands by stepping on them or wrapping them up under your feet and hands depending on which exercise you’re doing in order for you to get the workout you want.

Normally, the bands are between 5 feet to 5-1/2 feet long from handle to handle and I’ve seen them longer than that, but this is kind of the standard size to do almost all the Resistance Band Exercises you need.

Do occupational therapists like to use Resistance Rubber Bands?

You know I kind of think this is an interesting question, because I actually learned about Workout Bands and Thera Bands while in school to be a physical therapist. Only then, did I start using them myself in order to tell my clients what would best work for them; I still use and recommend them to this day.

No I’m not a physical therapist, but did go to school for it. I enjoyed training in the gym so much that I became a personal trainer and I figured my experience in school would help me in this field even more.

So please take my opinion like a grain of salt and please come to your own conclusion on whether or not you like to use Exercise Bands because that’s the only way you are really truly going to know.

Precautions when using Weight Bands?

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

Now most people try to over extend the Bands to the point of breaking them and you simply don’t need to do this. These things are only made of rubber people! 🙂

Be sure to not wrap the Thera Bands or Workout Bands around your hands too many times in order to make them smaller so this puts such a strain on them when working out, they will surely break!

When overstretching a rubber band is the same principle. Same thing goes for Resistance Tubes or Weight Bands. If you overstretch them you will certainly not like the results when getting smacked by one of these bands. So just be careful, use them wisely and your Weight Bands will last you a very long time. Cheers! 😉

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