Wing Chun develping forward Energy, Wing Chun forward pressure, resistance training

Methods for developing forward energy without a partner and maintaining forward pressure with incoming resistance. Often times our Sifu, master or training partner will notice that our forward energy/forward pressure lacks in both limbs or in one limb as the other attacks/defends. This is because our focus leaves either both limbs or only focuses on what one of the limbs is doing rather than being able to deal with both events on both limbs. I use resistance bands as an added training device so that while I perform the forms or practice individual pieces of any of the forms I am sure to be applying pressure through both limbs since the resistance bands are pulling my limbs in the opposite direction. In order for me to have the proper stance/form I must be applying forward pressure through both limbs simultaneously :-).. I hope this helps you develop further and come up with other ideas on building the foundation of your art.