Workout Bands – How to use Resistance Bands?

Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Band Workout

This question about Workout Bands is pretty powerful for personal trainers because if they didn’t know how to show people how to use them and everyone else already knew how to use them, then of course there would be no use at all for a personal trainer, right?

Well that’s one of the reasons why I created this website for Workout Bands. On top of that, because of all the questions I get on a daily basis about these elastic exercise bands. I hope you find all the information here helpful?

So… let me give you an example, when you go to use Workout Bands. It solely depends on the muscle group that you are working out.

Say for instance you are doing curls… now when doing a resistance band workout you find a band that has the proper strength for you to use (preferably with handles)… place the rubber tube or band under your feet… then curl your fists up towards your shoulders without moving your elbows, your elbows should be pointing straight down to the ground while doing this.

Repeat this step for 10 to 20 reps or until you feel your biceps burning. If you don’t feel the burn then you need to add some bands or get stronger power bands to help your workout. That’s it… pretty simple huh? You can do this where ever you want, but it’s a preferred choice for people that want a resistance band workout at home.

How Do Resistance Bands or Workout Bands Work?

Basically, using Exercise Bands is just like using light free weights so to speak. They work by providing constant resistance to an individual muscle group and hitting your core muscles or deep muscle fibers. You could say that they work almost like an electronic muscle therapy machine at your local physical therapist office, but with less penetration and less money.

That’s the best way I can explain it for you. They Mainly strengthen your stabilizer muscles in order for you to be able to do every day activities like normal. When working out with weights almost all of these muscles are not working at all. The bands help tighten up and condition these stabilizer muscles making them tight around the joints and other areas. This is just one reason why we feel better after using them.

Can you lose weight with Workout Bands?

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

I really get this question a ton and my answer is simply this, YES! When you’re doing Resistance Band Training along with a proper cardio and diet program you certainly can lose weight, although, you need to be dedicated and very consistent just like any other workout program.

Please just browse around on this site for a bit and I’m sure you’re bound to find something else that will help you learn how to lose weight with Workout Bands, because I made an effort to provide a ton of information, links and programs for you on Resistance Bands, Power Bands, Thera Bands, Exercise Routines and more… Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. Cheers! 😉